One-on-One Mentoring

One of the most essential goals of On the Yahara Writing Center is to personalize writing instruction for all those who have interest in gaining writing skills but need assistance on demand and to be efficiently presented.  One-on-one services can include composition, creative writing, or editing.

Things that you can expect when you contact On the Yahara for one-on-one mentoring:

  • A series of thoughtful questions to quickly assess your writing needs
  • At least two plans of instruction offered to choose from
  • A convenient time and place for you to meet or connect online
  • Finding your goals and intentions
  • Locating large order and small order concerns and creating solutions
  • Going through specific examples and gaining feedback
  • Finishing the session by making sure we have completed your goals
  • Planning next session if necessary

You can learn more about the different types of one-on-one help we offer through the links below.

If you’re ready to get started or aren’t sure what type of help you need, send us a message using the form on this page to set up your free consultation—our mission is to give you the help you need to achieve your writing goals.

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    One-On-One Tutoring

    One of the most effective and efficient ways to get writing assistance is one-on-one tutoring. Devoting time to handle specific questions allows the student to see more quickly how to adjust his or her writing.



    College Essay Written Feedback

    Finding and implementing strategies for successful writing is the most important thing a student can do to succeed on college essays. A feedback session will generally come under two categories: the pre-writing, assignment assessment, and planning stage and the feedback stage.



    Project Mentoring

    Mentoring writing is a service meant for writers of all ages who are seeking inspiration, guidance and feedback.