APRIL 6, 2018

April 4

“Lucky I am

to go off to my cancer appointment

having been given a bluebird, and,

for a lifetime, having been given

this world.”

      – Ted Kooser, from Winter Morning Walks



april 4


Cool afternoon but sun ablaze


Unexpected april snow has turned

the black river bay ablaze.

The city two halves–

yards radiant white lamps below,

beaming back to a cloudless dome a pure baby blue.

As we walk along the road

toward the main channel,

we stop to watch in the iceless bay the bald eagles

one by one take their turn

leaping from their stiff oak limbs

to circle low a hundred swimming pelicans,

fanning them up and away,

their wings like tissue burning to ash above a campfire.

Seagulls descend in their place,

a swirl of white smoke lingering

along the shoreline beach.