AUGUST 26, 2019

Benefits of Taking a Creative Writing Workshop

There are many different types of writing, but the creative kind may easily be the most fun. Because creative writing is fun by nature, some may assume it’s “frivolous”… but the truth is that creative writing offers multifarious benefits for mind, body, and soul.

Here are eight major perks of investing your time and energy into a workshop that will help you solidify your creative writing skills:

1| You’ll express yourself.

When you put the “creative” in writing, you become an artist. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself, much like painting, sculpture, cooking, or crafting.


2| You’ll improve your understanding of language.

Creative writing is as rewarding as any other type of writing to those looking to improve their spelling, grammar, and understanding of language mechanics.

3| You’ll understand yourself better.

Personal narratives will invite you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions in detail. You’ll understand the “why” as well as the cause and effect of what you do, think, and feel.

get to know yourself better

4| You’ll relate to others more easily.

Creative writing sometimes puts the writer in the head of a real or fictional character, which forces the writer to walk in someone else’s sneakers, heels, or wheels.

5| You’ll meet people.

As opposed to writing alone in a bubble, classes get you working in tandem with other passionate writers. A major benefit of creative writing workshops is meeting people who share your interests.

6| You’ll gain a bit of humility.

Workshops are often about learning through sharing and, yes, workshopping writing pieces in a group. You won’t have a Pulitzer-winner in every piece, but you will find humility in these learning moments.

7| You’ll gain confidence, too.

Writing takes practice, but as you grow, learn, and start piling up pages of powerful phrases and winning words, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, you are a writer with the ability to paint pictures with letters, and that’s pretty cool.

8| Your health will improve.

You read that right. This study from Cambridge University found that writing about life events results in “improvements in both physical and psychological health.” Think of creative writing as kale for your brain and body.

Ready to make these benefits of jumping into a creative writing workshop all yours? Explore our online and in-person writing classes or learn more about our one-on-one mentoring, if you prefer more personalized help.

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