MARCH 5, 2018

Restoration Journal – Booth Courtenay Trail

“I was a junior bodhisattva then named

‘No More Tricks’

and was sent to sit with the boulders here

an aeon or two

til the soil came up to my eyes.”

  – Gary Snyder, “Siberian Outpost”

“And why not? Bhagavan, the perception of a self is no perception, and the perception of a being, a life, or a soul is also no perception. And why not? Because Buddhas and bhagavans are free of all perceptions.”

Ice over Booth Courtenay Trail

many lenses

elm leaves oak leaves maples

preserved – clean crisp jagged edges still–

soaks in some sunshine

and melts around it

leaving a holder, a platform to see time –

the other day

I walked in among the leafless,

loppers in hand

and after a few horizontal cuts

it wasn’t me any longer,

had melted down into that hollow

and knew the contours

of the dolomite imported in here

for the junipers.

Names gave way to tree types–

hours to limbs and finally perfect brush piles

they were but weren’t bodies of things


laying there, cross-legged at places,

waiting their turn but not waiting

Bhagavan got there by breathing

ah Diamond Sutra