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Project Mentoring


Mentoring writing is a service meant for writers of all ages and all skill levels who are seeking inspiration, guidance and feedback. One of the core principles of On the Yahara is that “everyone can write.” Even though many of us encounter roadblocks either in the writing process itself, or in the desire to just ‘get started,’ none of these difficulties are insurmountable. Sometimes it takes nothing more than guided practice; other times it takes nothing more than being presented a particular skill or technique; either way, there is a writer in each of us, sometimes we just need to rediscover our talents and abilities.  

Our Process:

We will start with a free consultation during which we will discuss your needs and come up with a strategy for our to help you complete your project. For example, we will set daily or weekly goals for you and plan weekly or daily check-ins via email while we wait to receive your progress and provide you with feedback. 

We believe that every writer is different so we are completely flexible to find what works for you.


  • Price: Our project mentoring services are priced based on the individual project. Schedule a free consultation for a quote based on your needs.
  • Format: We’re very flexible and want to meet your various needs. We can meet in person around the Madison area, communicate via email, or use video chat and screen sharing to review your work and go over feedback and questions.

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