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Urban Nature Appreciation

The urban nature appreciation class combines the essence of nature writing and an emerging new appreciation for the natural resources that surround us in the city. Very often we think of nature primarily as what exists outside of the city, but as city populations grow, more and more of our interaction with nature will happen within those green spaces and water features found in our city.

The first thing we will learn in this class is the process of re-seeing urban nature through the lens of historical examples of nature writing including the journal entry and poetry. We will then turn our attention to our related modern need to connect to nature for the sake of well-being and discuss why the process of nature writing is one of our greatest and most efficient tools for making this connection. The second half of the class is dedicated to the process of picking your genre, assembling details, and then writing for an audience. Finally, we will take a look at flash editing skills so that our writing is presentable to our blog or article audience.


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