APRIL 24, 2018

Song of the Geese

“Without daydreams

About red dust, in the pale sun

I’m peacefully at ease, or among moss

And flowers with a staff and clogs,

Or in the wooded shadow

Near an incense lamp.”

Huai Ku, from “Living at a Monastery, Send to Chien Chang’


Last snow

of the season collects along the bent grass

of city marsh

not a person in sight but footprints

show their absence.


With the sun an open box

of shining diamonds in all directions

there’s no need

for daydreams of coming seasons,

my two feet placed

firmly sunk in the cold mud,

the air vibrates

two geese honking past.



I will walk to the front doorway

of the house

and look out across the street

to the velvety shadows

of the Yahara river

where tomorrow flows.