JUNE 6, 2019

Writing as Self-Care

For self-care to last, we need to start small, reclaiming, bit by bit, our time and our priorities. Once we establish that this is something we truly need, we may begin to ask how to get there. A daily writing practice is just the ticket.

At the very simplest level, writing becomes something concrete, so we can actually look at it, hold it in our hands, save it, share it, or keep it to ourselves. This satisfies the urge that many of us have to ‘do something’ useful. However, with time and practice, you’ll realize that writing becomes much more than just something to do: it becomes a place to get to know yourself again.

Everyone has an inner voice, it’s really just a matter of whether you take a listen or not. Very often the outer voice and inner voice are separate and distinct. How would we know unless we practiced both?

Writing is self-care because expression can become a release of many things. What do we do, exactly, with all that accumulated information we store up day by day? It has to go somewhere; for many of us that energy is stored so that it can go right back to the outer self again tomorrow and the next day.

writing as self-care

If we set aside some of that time to writing, we will perhaps not be shocked to learn that same energy longs for expression. We are not talking about writing for two hours a day. We are talking about ten or fifteen minutes to set aside in a quiet place. To breath for a moment, come back to yourself, and then let whatever writing comes come. Don’t apply pressure here for any specific results. If that inner voice hasn’t been heard in awhile it is bound to take some time to find the real one. Let’s not kid ourselves – it has been pulled in a thousand directions for an awfully long time. It will come. It will form.

The process becomes medicinal because it is inside you that well-being lives. We have all felt the great frustration and disappointment of thinking that it will be the outer self that provides us with our self-care. We likely know intuitively that it is a balance ultimately that we are looking for: a good positive outer self, but built upon a strong inner self. Writing is a great way to rebuild.